Over these 10 years as a pastor, I have heard people say, “I’m not talented; I don’t know what I can do to help the church.” Frankly, anyone with this feeling is in opposition to Scripture. The Apostle Paul’s first letter to the church at Corinth (see Chapter 12) applies to all churches, then and now. How? Because the Holy Spirit resides in all churches…and in all Christians.

As we reaffirmed our Baptismal Covenant this past Sunday, we committed to be unified in working together. Oak Grove UMC and all Christian churches are to present the character of Jesus Christ in service to the world. We are to love God; we are to care and love those who are in need. And we are to worship God as His Spirit inspires us to gather in unity for His Glory.

From God’s view, all churches are like a puzzle, made up of pieces that are different. But when assembled together, the church (the puzzle) is beauty in God’s eyes. At Oak Grove, we are all different, individual “pieces”. Yet, with faith and commitment, the Holy Spirit has and will continue to assemble us for God’s purpose. Let us look ahead to this Sunday as we all pray for clarity. May the Holy Spirit reveal to each of us our God-given gifts for the church.

Then, let us all take joy in saying, “I know what I am to do.”

Pastor Bob Roten